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Gene Allen

Gene Allen

I didn’t start playing golf until I was 19 although I had the chance to have learned how to play from one of the Teachers at my high school who was also a Golf Pro. All my group played other sports and just didn’t give Golf a chance at that time. I played 6 years without lessons and of course never broke 100. My Dad gave me a gift of 6 lessons with Bart Haltom the Pro at Rockwood. He was also the teacher I spoke about earlier. I started shooting in the low 90’s right away and after a while the low 80’s. I have shot under par once and in the 70’s some as well. If I had stayed with what Bart taught me or had started with him in high school, I would probably be a lot better today. I have always been a seeker, so I have had a lot of lessons from a lot of teachers. I have also read a ton of books on the swing. All of this to say I think I know now what my swing is and how to repeat it. I have always been a good putter and good around the greens. Along the way I took up building clubs and re-gripping and re-shafting clubs as well. This is a Great game that I love to play and love to help other people enjoy and appreciate the game as well.


Split Screen Video Analysis
Split Screen Video Analysis

Genes Rates Are:

  • Adult Private $75 - 1 Hour Series of 4 1 Hour $270 (Save $30)
  • Junior Private $56.25- Hour Series of 4 - 1 Hour $202.50 (Save $23)
  • Group Lessons : Adults 10 - 1 Hour Lessons $200 Juniors $100
  • On-line Video Lessons $120 per hour includes: V1 PC Software Purchase
  • On-course Playing Lessons $125 per 18 Holes


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