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Bob Marlow

Bob Marlow

Bob Marlow PGA Golf Professional with over 30 years of teaching experience. Bob has worked with golfers of all levels and utilizes video analysis as well as email lesson summaries to assist with student understanding and retention of lesson information.

He offers range lesson both private and group, adults and juniors, on-line video lessons and on-course playing lessons.

While managing Riverside Golf Course in Washington State at the age of 30 Bob shot 63 while playing less than 30 rounds of golf that year. He attributes that success to having excellent routines for all aspects of his golf game. Thats how you take it to the course!


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Bob Marlow
PGA Golf Professional

Cooper’s Golf Park News Letter 9-9-17

By Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional

Keys to Improving Your Golf Swing

Why doesn’t your golf swing seem to be improving, great question?

Here could be some of the answers.

You are trying to keep your head too still laterally, rotationally and vertically. (Ruins naturalness)

You are trying to keep your eyes focused on the ball throughout the swing. (Ruins your ability to focus with your mined and eyes on how you are moving.)

Keep the weight on the inside of your right foot in your backswing, don’t sway. (Ruins your ability to shift your weight to the right in the backswing and turn the hips in the takeaway properly, making taking a full turn eventually with your upper body impossible.

Poor grip, too tight, wrong positions of the fingers and thumbs, gripping with the wrong fingers in each hand…if you grip with the last two fingers of the left hand it ruins wrist hinge and the same thing if you grip the club with the last two finger of the right hand.(Much of the natural motion in a golf swing comes from having the ability to produce a lot of wrists hinge at the top of the backswing.)

Hinging the wrists early in the takeaway… (Ruins your ability to create width and connection of the club and arms to the body while making the right arm fold too early in the backswing and too close to the body.)

Most golfers do not understand what proper posture is at address, they know it is important but don’t know how to get it. By videoing your swing with V1 software on my computer and comparing it to a golf swing like Adam Scott’s and utilizing graphics to measure angles, all of the above can be improved.

If you will diligently practice what I asked you do, in front of a mirror and on the driving range to develop the correct positions and motions, I will give you a money back guarantee you will be very pleased with the results.

Adam Scott focuses primarily on grip, posture and setup, weight shift and following-through with very good balance in the finish position. Focusing on these keys will save you many years of time. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this information and I will be pleased to show you any of the 20 videos of Adams swing in my V1 Digital Software Program. Call me at 214-882-3298 or email me at


Bobs Rates Are:

  • Adult Private $75 - 1 Hour Series of 4 1 Hour $270 (Save $30)
  • Junior Private $56.25- Hour Series of 4 - 1 Hour $202.50 (Save $23)
  • Group Lessons : Adults 10 - 1 Hour Lessons $200 Juniors $100
  • On-line Video Lessons $120 per hour includes: V1 PC Software Purchase
  • On-course Playing Lessons $125 per 18 Holes


Phone: 214-882-3298 to ask questions and schedule a lesson with Bob.

More instructional videos to come, on all aspects of the Game of golf for our E-club Members to enjoy, in the near futurecomplements of Cooper’s Golf Park Driving Range A Great Place to Practice.