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We will be celebrating having been in business for several years and will continue making improvements this year as we have in the past.

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Hi Golfers, here’s the latest from Cooper’s Golf Park:
  • New Hours May – Sept 7am to 10pm Daily Weather Providing.
  • Callaway Golf Equipment…try the latest Callaway Golf Clubs and be professionally fitted by one of our Staff Members. Fee for fitting is $50 and can be reimbursed with a purchase of $300 or more of Callaway products. Demos available for testing and fitting.
  • New items Include: New Callaway Maverick and Maverick Pro Iron sets, Woods, Hybrids and Golf Bags.
  • Mark your calendar: Free video analysis Sundays 10 am to 2 pm March – April 2021 (Call for appointment)
  • How are your present golf clubs working for you? Do they fit you properly regarding loft and lie angles, shaft flex and length, grip size, alignment and condition, and are you getting the benefit of the latest technology?
  • We Accept Trade-ins.
  • Please utilize our new bag stands at each end of our patio, Thank you!
  • Click on the Range tab for Hours and rates. Hit all the balls you want, buy an Annual Membership.
  • Join our Golf Club for $23 from now to the end of 2021 for your Ghin Handicap and in addition to establishing and maintaining your Ghin Handicap, this year you will receive an additional 10% discount on most golf equipment and club repair purchases from Cooper’s Golf Park.

Cooper’s Golf Park Newsletter

3/10/2021 By PGA Golf Professional – Bob Marlow

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Simple Ways to Master
1 Grip Pressure, 2 Swing Paths 3 face Angles and 4. Body Motions

1. Grip Pressure during your swing: With straight arms and a proper grip (big if), start the club away with the handle leading the club head (lag the club head behind the handle), you can only do that with soft hands. This keeps the club head outside the hands in the take-away and makes the wrists cock when they need to, automatically from momentum and then aligns the club shaft and club face perfectly and simply at the top of the backswing. takes care of 1 and 2 in the backswing.

2. Swing path or plane coming down and forward: Now if you rotate the back of your left hand down toward its fingers, (pronating or bowing the left wrist), you will shallow the club shaft and square or close the club face (about 45 degrees). This takes “very little” physical effort (about a ¼ of a pound of effort). takes care of 1,2 and 3.

3. Body motions during the swing: After a slight shift laterally to the right of the upper body in your take-away (head moves 1 to 4 inches depending on the club your hitting), your left shoulder rotates down some and then 1, 2 and 3 will make your body move perfectly without any thoughts or trying to force your body and legs coming down and forward. You will feel your hips and legs move left and back away from the target line which gives you room for your right arm to come down and in close to your right leg verses too far away from you (the dreaded over-the-top move). takes care of 4.

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If you have any questions regarding the above, I will be pleased to discuss the issues with you.

Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional

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Note from PGA Golf Professional Bob Marlow on Physical Fitness

About 6 weeks ago, prior to our Wednesday Cooper’s Golf Club event at Prairie Lakes, while sitting in a lounge chair at home, when I got up, my back went out. When I played my left knee and hip started hurting and it was difficult for me to follow-through during my swing. I went to a new Chiropractor, since mine was not available, he did not put my SI joint back in and hurt my upper back between my shoulder blades. A week later I went to my regular Chiropractor and he didn’t fix either of these issues. So, I got on-line and found videos on how to fix both issues and was able to do so. I lost 10 lbs. this year and did nothing different. So, I was concerned about that and made an appointment with my primary physician. Test proved ok but showed arthritis in my knees and hips was progressing to 2 on a scale of 0 to 4. I got a referral to a physical therapist at Veridian on 157 in Arlington where I had therapy for my wrist surgery this year. The therapist’s name is Brian Wood. He has helped me to regain great strength in my core, hips and legs and has given me about 15 different exercises and stretches to use. I am pain free and I feel like I am as strong as when I was 21. I highly recommend him and here is a link to his email, phone and website.


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