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On April 22nd. The Property was sold, and we understand the new owners plan to build office complexes on the site.

We wish to thank all our patrons a special thanks for all the years, over 25 years, you have utilized our facility.

The owners of Cooper’s Golf Park are looking for property in the area to build a new Golf Range similar to Cooper’s golf Park but even better.

Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional will continue being available for lessons, club fitting/repair, and has quite a bit of Callaway woods, irons, wedges, putters, and golf gloves for sale, at very reasonable prices.

Bob will be teaching at his home, 2209 Egyptian Way, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050. He will be utilizing hi-speed video, launch monitor and (new technology) a pressure mat which can be extremely helpful in improving your weight shift, distance, and consistency.

The lessons will be conducted in his in-door out-door studio and at a close by golf range and he will also be available for on course playing lessons.

You may contact Bob on his cellphone 214-882-3298 or email:

Frank Kim will still be coordinating Cooper’s Golf Club, Wednesday Golf Competitions, at various courses in the area. You can contact him at 682-249-3599 to sigh-up for tee times. Ron Cox will be coordinating membership and handicap issues for the Club; you can contact Ron at 817-821-4137. Your Ghin handicaps service will be good through February of 2022.

Again, thank you for your continued support from the owners and staff of Cooper’s Golf Park.

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10-6-21 By PGA Golf Professional – Bob Marlow

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5 Keys to Power, Accuracy and Consistency

Since the Cooper’s Golf Park driving Range closed, I moved my golf lesson and golf club sales and repair business to North Grand Prairie where I have an in-door/outdoor studio facility in which I am able to utilize V1 Hi-speed Video, a launch monitor, and the latest technology, a Bodi-Trak Pressure Mat, which helps students with utilizing the ground forces much more effectively in their golf swing and improve all aspects of their golf game fast. I have an Inventory of new and used golf equipment and still perform all types of club repair as well as club fitting. I recently installed a synthetic turf putting green, where I am able to help students with improving their putting stroke. I also teach golf at a nearby Golf Driving Range, once you understand what it is you are presently doing and what may need improvement.

Address & Setup: Proper Posture (bending from the hip sockets, lower back arched, upper back straight, neck and face angled down some). Most amateur golfers don’t come close to getting down enough.

Proper Spine Tilt: Should be closer to being straight up and down from a face on view, which encourages the left shoulder to rotate down in the backswing verses too horizontal.

Proper Grip: Most amateurs grip the club in the palms of each hand too much and grip the club too tight. It is all about developing a proper gripping process.

Proper Set of the Right Knee: Very important to set the right knee in laterally toward the left knee and feel pressure on the inside of the right foot (leg brace for the backswing).

Proper Club Shaft Angle: Shaft should point to the left chest and be angled down and in (degree depending on the club selected). Most amateurs reach out and up too much and have the shaft pointing too far ahead of the club head.

Arm, Hand & Wrist Motion: The slight concave or cupped angle in the back of the left wrist should be maintained through out the backswing. Most amateurs rotate the arms and cock the wrists too much and too soon in the take-away, instead of just one piece with the left shoulder moving down and or they bow the left wrist and take the club inside too much instead of straighter back and up high. Note! The hands and arms do not rotate over as you come through and past the ball but the right wrists bows out and the left wrist breaks back concave in the exit position in the down the line follow-through. Your arms are only moving about 14 MPH and the club head is traveling over 100 MPH, with ease.

Upper Body Motion: Left shoulder moves down verses horizontally in the backswing, (by going down more, you can rotate and coil 50 % more), and then, the real key to power is the “Power Squat” which is not performed by focusing on the legs and hips but by making the left shoulder move diagonally down and forward as you come forward, verses bringing the hands and arms down or unwinding the shoulders. You should leave the hands, arms, and club back, as you make this move with the left shoulder.

Weight Shift During the Swing: Guess what? Weight shift occurs naturally if you do the above properly. Who would have guessed? From balanced at address, where you feel the feet pressed into the ground, to the top of the backswing, where the weight shifts to the right heel and coming down and forward, the “Power Squat” where there is a lot of pressure on the left leg and foot. To the finish where the left foot rolls to the outside of the left heel and you are up on the toe of the right shoe, with very little pressure on the right foot and leg. Adam Scott’s left leg is a third bigger around then his right leg from thousands of swings and all that pressure on the left leg.

Head, Eyes & Mind Use: Your head does not remain still in the swing and at address, do not rotate your head to the right, it makes you take the club back too much inside, verses straighter back. Head at address should point towards the ball and then the shoulder and hip rotation, makes the head rotate to the right in the backswing and as you come down and through forward, the head rotates to the left as you see below. Your eyes can see the ball but also control the path going back and the left shoulder moving down coming forward.

I know that seams like a lot but it is still just five keys and unfortunately there are hundreds of things that you hear about a golf swing that are not thoughts that produce the results you ar looking for and can actually injure you in the process.

You can download V1 video analysis software app for free for your smart phone, iPad, or notepad and V1 home for your PC and then if you choose “Marlow’s Golf School” as the instructor and send me videos of you golfing with various swings, putting strokes, chipping, and pitching motions, I can send you my analysis of the same for a nominal fee, based on the agreed upon time and expense in doing so. My rate per hour is $75, same as an in-person lesson, Juniors 25% discount.

If you have any questions or would like to experience what I am referring to in the above with a lesson, call, text, or email me: Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional 214-882-3298 or   copy and paste the Link to Videos of Adam Scott’s Golf Swing. Study and move and pause the video and notice the head rotation as I describe above.

   Head Rotated left 10 °

Shoulders Rotate Head 40°

Head Rotates Left 80°

Hands & Arms High

Head Left Right Shoulder Down

“ All Calloway Inventory Selling at Cost”… Make us an Offer!

If you have any questions regarding the above, I will be pleased to discuss the issues with you.

Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional

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“Free Lesson and Equipment Evaluation for First Time Students”
Note from PGA Golf Professional Bob Marlow on Physical Fitness

I have had a lot of pain in both of my glutes and hamstrings for 6 to 7 months and have been getting physical therapy on and off twice a week during that period, it helped some, but the pain continued. After watching the video “Tiger Woods on the Range at the Memorial Tournament”, (Google it) and noticing his posture at address, I realized that the key was in how I walk, sit, and stand over the golf ball at address. What you need to do is angle your pelvis back and up (the old stick your but out) but up too. This arching in the lower back will make your neck and upper body move into a straighter alignment. All I need to do is walk a little this way and the pain goes away. When I seat, I try to move my rear to the back of the chair and straighten up my upper body, neck, and head. This takes some focus, but the pain is one heck of a motivator. My glutes and hamstrings are getting much stronger and posturing this way in my golf swing works great as well.

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