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On April 22nd, 2021. The Property was sold, and we understand the new owners plan to build office complexes on the site.

We wish to thank all our patrons a special thanks for all the years, over 25 years, you have utilized our facility.

The owners of Cooper’s Golf Park are looking for property in the area to build a new Golf Range similar to Cooper’s golf Park but even better.

Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional will continue being available for lessons, club fitting/repair, and has quite a bit of Callaway woods, irons, wedges, putters, and golf gloves for sale, at very reasonable prices.

Bob will be teaching at his home, 2209 Egyptian Way, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050. He will be utilizing hi-speed video, launch monitor and (new technology) a pressure mat which can be extremely helpful in improving your weight shift, distance, and consistency.

The lessons will be conducted in his in-door out-door studio and at a close by golf range and he will also be available for on course playing lessons.

You may contact Bob on his cellphone 214-882-3298 or email:

Frank Kim will still be coordinating Cooper’s Golf Club, Wednesday Golf Competitions, at various courses in the area. You can contact him at 682-249-3599 to sigh-up for tee times. Ron Cox will be coordinating membership and handicap issues for the Club; you can contact Ron at 817-821-4137. Your Ghin handicaps service will be good through February of 2023.

Again, thank you for your continued support from the owners and staff of Cooper’s Golf Park.

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Cooper’s Golf Park Newsletter

04-18-22 By PGA Golf Professional – Bob Marlow

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“Feel in Your Hands and Feet”

Posture and Balance at Address: Let’s assume you do this properly…big If!

The grip is not a simple matter. So, this process of acquiring a proper grip can be practiced in front of a mirror. Face a mirror with your right foot forward and your left foot back, (this assist in getting your head behind the ball verses your head too far to the left of the ball). Adam Scott has a great way of placing his left hand on the club. He places his club along his left side, club shaft angled down, face of the club square to the target line and then he approaches the ball with the club in his left hand only. This allows him to grip the club comfortably down at the base of his palm, towards the fingers and he elongates his left thumb down the top of the club and slightly to the right at 1 O’clock. Next as he sets up to the ball, he brings the club up in the air in front of his body and applies the right hand relatively close to his left hand (right hand even more towards the fingers) with the angle of his right palm similar to how you would shake hands with another person. The right thumb and forefinger form the key feel point.

Grip Pressure: Almost every shot in golf, squeeze with the fingers just enough until you feel your palms firm up. This is a very important aspect of your grip to allow for plenty of feel, free wrists, and yet adequate control.

Hand and Arm Motions: As you take the club away, you should only begin cocking your wrists straight up, no arm rotation in either direction, club head goes up and stays outside the hands. Next, after about 4 feet of club head motion in your take-away, begin rotating your upper left arm clockwise to the right so the butt end of the club points to the target line from a DL View (this puts the club shaft in the desired swing plane) and allows the left arm to stretch the left shoulder and upper back areas with ease producing the appearance of 90 to 120 degrees of left shoulder rotation, face on view.

Shaft Lean at Impact: This is the key to distance and accuracy. As you bring the club down and forward and the left arm is parallel to the ground, begin supinating (bowing out) the back of your left palm. This squares and delofts the club face producing shaft lean and great compression on the ball.

Weight Shift: At address you generally should have 55 to 60 % of your weight favoring the left foot, then the first move in the take-away is pressure change from the left big toe to the right heel, right knee straightens some, right hip rotates internally to the right and rises, encouraging the left shoulder to move down in your backswing. Coming forward the pressure goes to the toes of the left foot which makes the left ankle roll and the left leg straighten in your finish. Heels on the accelerators and the toes are the brakers which create club head speed through impact, arms only move about 12 to 14 MPH and the club head moves well over 100 MPH. Learn how to dance. Feet and hands!!!

I feel confident I can teach most students to acquire the above and more in short order. If you would like to have me coach you, a friend or family member please contact me at 214-882-3298 or email me at thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter, PGA Golf Professional – Bob Marlow.  You can copy, enlarge, and print the sequence photos of Adam Scoot’s Driver Swing below, for better viewing sequence photos of Adam Scoot’s Driver Swing below, for better viewing

Note! New students you send me, that signs up for a series of 4 or more lessons, I offer you a free 1- hour lesson, value $75.

Note from PGA Golf Professional Bob Marlow on Physical Fitness

I have had a lot of pain in both of my glutes and hamstrings for 6 to 7 months and have been getting physical therapy on and off twice a week during that period, it helped some, but the pain continued. After watching the video “Tiger Woods on the Range at the Memorial Tournament”, (Google it) and noticing his posture at address, I realized that the key was in how I walk, sit, and stand over the golf ball at address. What you need to do is angle your pelvis back and up (the old stick your but out) but up too. This arching in the lower back will make your neck and upper body move into a straighter alignment. All I need to do is walk a little this way and the pain goes away. When I seat, I try to move my rear to the back of the chair and straighten up my upper body, neck, and head. This takes some focus, but the pain is one heck of a motivator. My glutes and hamstrings are getting much stronger and posturing this way in my golf swing works great as well.

Learn and Enjoy GOLF!

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