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On April 22nd, 2021. The Property was sold, and we understand the new owners plan to build office complexes on the site.

We wish to thank all our patrons a special thanks for all the years, over 25 years, you have utilized our facility.

The owners of Cooper’s Golf Park are looking for property in the area to build a new Golf Range similar to Cooper’s golf Park but even better.

Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional will continue being available for lessons, club fitting/repair, and has quite a bit of Callaway woods, irons, wedges, putters, and golf gloves for sale, at very reasonable prices.

Bob will be teaching at his home, 2209 Egyptian Way, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050. He will be utilizing hi-speed video, launch monitor and (new technology) a pressure mat which can be extremely helpful in improving your weight shift, distance, and consistency.

The lessons will be conducted in his in-door out-door studio and at a close by golf range and he will also be available for on course playing lessons.

You may contact Bob on his cellphone 214-882-3298 or email:

Frank Kim will still be coordinating Cooper’s Golf Club, Wednesday Golf Competitions, at various courses in the area. You can contact him at 682-249-3599 to sigh-up for tee times. Ron Cox will be coordinating membership and handicap issues for the Club; you can contact Ron at 817-821-4137. Your Ghin handicaps service will be good through February of 2023.

Again, thank you for your continued support from the owners and staff of Cooper’s Golf Park.

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Cooper’s Golf Park Newsletter

January 4th, 2023, By Bob Marlow – PGA Golf Professional

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“Key to an Effortless, Repeatable Golf Swing”
  1. Waggle: Notice modern tour players have a very short waggle, about 6 inches or less of the club head motion and repeated about 3 times,
    just to make sure the wrist are free enough and there is a good sense of feel for the club head, grip pressure being firm but still soft.
  2. Take-Away: Next you may, at times, see a short movement of the club head of about 1 foot, starting the club away in one piece with no
    hand or arm manipulation, followed by a return to the ball and then a straightening of the left arm and next, a swinging of the club away
    with the arms and upper body for about 3 feet of club head motion (in a full swing).
  3. Setup: Spine tilted only about 2 degrees to the right with his head behind the ball, not over it. Left arm straight but fairly comfortable and
    attached or connected to the left rib cage. Uniquely most tour professionals set up with the upper body (not the shoulders) open by 10
    to 15 degrees. This left upper arm connection, helps to guide the path of the arms and club in the take-away and backswing. The right
    arm should be bent slightly, this helps the right arm to fold correctly in the backswing.
  4. Balance of the Backswing: By having the upper body open at setup, the club, hands and arms and the body arrive in sync and at the same
    time at the top of the backswing. Now here is the big Key… Focus on you right elbow and make it bend and move back to the right, so
    it is moving behind your body while it moves away from your right side, creating width… and then begin folding your right arm and
    making your right elbow go high. This is the so called modern, powerful golf swing, although Sam Sneed did exactly the same thing.
    This movement of the right arm and elbow is what frees up the left and right shoulders, so you can have lots of shoulder turn and it
    works. Do not think, take the club straight back and keep it in front of your body.
  5. Coming Down and Forward: The weight shifts naturally laterally to the left and hips and upper body open to the left as a reaction to the
    backswing, without much conscious thought. You can now have a passive release of the club head through the ball, by making your
    right shoulder and side move down and through the ball and you will feel and see a powerful, effortless, consistent, ball compression
    and flight, like you have never seen before yet always desired.
  6. Impact: At impact the back of the left palm becomes bowed (convexed) and the right wrist is hinge back (concave). This creates shaft lean
    and delofts the club face causing compression on the ball as well as a square club face. All Caused by the correct right arm and right side
    of the body motions.

Then after impact, the left wrists breaks down (releases or becomes cupped) so in the finish the back of the left palm faces the ground.

If you would like to have me coach you or a friend, you can contact me at (214) 882-3298 or my new email

Note! New students you send me, that signs up for a series of 4 or more lessons, I offer you a free 1- hour lesson, value $100.

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