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Bob Marlow

Bob Marlow

Bob Marlow PGA Golf Professional with over 30 years of teaching experience. Bob has worked with golfers of all levels and utilizes video analysis as well as email lesson summaries to assist with student understanding and retention of lesson information.

He offers range lesson both private and group, adults and juniors, on-line video lessons and on-course playing lessons.

While managing Riverside Golf Course in Washington State at the age of 30 Bob shot 63 while playing less than 30 rounds of golf that year. He attributes that success to having excellent routines for all aspects of his golf game. Thats how you take it to the course!


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Bob Marlow
PGA Golf Professional

Adam Scott Golf Swing Keys

By Bob Marlow PGA Golf Professional

  • Proper Grip: Left Hand: With the club head at your left side and foot, face of the club head perpendicular to the target line, apply the left hand and form a concave angle in the back of the left wrist and finally lay the thumb extended down the clubs grip. This allows the left hand to dictate proper posture and spine angle. Bring the club around to the target line in front of you and tilt your spine to the right 6-10 degrees (your head behind the shot) and then apply the right hand. The line formed by the right thumb and forefinger should point halfway between the outside of the right shoulder and the right side of your face. Grip pressure on a scale of 0-10 should be 3 to 4, soft. Keep the hands angled down some in order to assist in keeping the grip pressure soft.

  • Posture: At address become athletic, hips back, knees flexed, resistance in the legs, chest out with the upper back straight, arms straight, upper arms (not the elbows), touching the rib cage regardless of the club, the lower back should be slightly arched (neutral), face angled down some, depending on the club your hitting. At address the left foot should be turned left 45 degrees and the right foot turned right 30 degrees to the right. (both feet flared)

  • Weight Shift: Preset the weight on your left foot or side. Favor a wide stance for balance, resistance in the legs, (dont pinch the knees in, ride the horse instead). The weight should shift naturally to the right heel in the backswing as your arms and the club are swung to the right and shift to the left by pushing off the Ball of the right foot (heel of the foot leads the ball of the foot) in the downswing.

  • Backswing: start your backswing by using a slight forward press of the handle of the club toward the target and then start swinging your arms and rotating them clockwise until the butt of your clubs grip points to the target line at a point when the left arm is just past parallel to the ground in your take-away. The wrist will have hinged about 45 degrees at that point and will hinge another 45 degrees, making a total of 90 degrees of wrist hinge at the top of the backswing. It is very important to not try to turn the shoulders at the start of the backswing, they will appear to be turning in the take-away due to the weight of the arms and the club moving and then once your left arm is just past parallel to the ground you can began the shoulder turn with the upper body. Ben Hogan said that the sequence in the backswing should be hands, arms, then the shoulders and hips in that order.

  • Downswing: At the beginning of the downswing, push off the ground laterally toward the target with your right foot and leg. You should then go for a position with the hands, wrists and arms where the hands, arms and the clubs grip are just past the right thigh in what is called the lag position with the shaft of the club parallel to the ground. Now just rotate your body to the left and follow-through.

Adam Scott focuses primarily on grip, posture and setup, weight shift and following-through with very good balance in the finish position. Focusing on these keys will save you many years of time. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this information and I will be pleased to show you any of the 20 videos of Adams swing in my V1 Digital Software Program. Call me at 214-882-3298 or email me at


Bobs Rates Are:

  • Adult Private $75 - 1 Hour Series of 4 1 Hour $270 (Save $30)
  • Junior Private $56.25- Hour Series of 4 - 1 Hour $202.50 (Save $23)
  • Group Lessons : Adults 10 - 1 Hour Lessons $200 Juniors $100
  • On-line Video Lessons $120 per hour includes: V1 PC Software Purchase
  • On-course Playing Lessons $125 per 18 Holes


Phone: 214-882-3298 to ask questions and schedule a lesson with Bob.

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More instructional videos to come, on all aspects of the Game of golf for our E-club Members to enjoy, in the near futurecomplements of Cooper’s Golf Park Driving Range A Great Place to Practice.